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    Response Time (Under 90 Minutes)

    SureFix guarantee a 90 minutes response time
    for any of your maintenance requirements whether it was
    an emergency or non-emergency job.

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    Prices (Best in the market)

    Our pricing structure is tailored to offer the best market
    price while maintaining the highest level of quality.

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    Mobile Application

    (We’re Always The First)

    SureFix is the first maintenance company to offer a state of the art
    mobile application on both platforms IOS & Android for the comfort of our clients.

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About us

SureFix is a maintenance company operating in Abu Dhabi with customer service, reliability and trust at the heart of its business model. SureFix allows the customers to enjoy quality repairs and maintenance services through our Annual Maintenance Contracts. We also offer a full range of on-call maintenance services for all types of properties including residential, retail units and restaurants.

Our unique emergency and non-emergency response time under 90 minutes in addition to our state of the art mobile application available on both IOS & Android operating systems gives our clients the comfort of us taking care of their home's maintenance requirements with one click. SureFix is comprised of carefully selected technicians who have relevant maintenance experience in Abu Dhabi. Our team is trained to serve the customer's maintenance needs as promptly and courteously as possible.


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Why choose Surefix ?

  • Response Time (Under 90 Minutes)
  • Best in the market
  • We’re Always The First
  • Mobile Application
  • We fixed it, we guarantee it
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SureFix launched its operation in Abu Dhabi city to accommodate the raising need of a professional home maintenance service for the residents of Abu Dhabi. SureFix offers its unique services to the residents of Abu Dhabi. Our strategic area of coverage allows us to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction and to keep our promise of response time under 90 minutes.

SureFix will continue planning its territory expansion to go parallel with the market needs and requirements and will keep the clients up-to-date on the upcoming territory expansion.

Areas We Cover

in Abu Dhabi

Our Services

what we offer
A/C Maintenance
Plumbing Maintenance
Electrical Maintenance
  • 15 Hours labor for the period of 1 year from set date.
  • 1 preventive maintenance.
  • 30 Hours labor for the period of 1 year from set date.
  • 1 preventive maintenance.
  • 50 Hours labor for the period of 1 year from set date.
  • 2 preventive maintenance.

* Prices mentioned above do not cover spare parts

Our hourly rate

S ureFix promises to execute the job within a timely manner and to the best of their ability. Our mission is not to charge more, but to satisfy more.

Non-Contract prices for labor is 150 AED per hour for any service provided. *